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 Jiawen Yang


Add:C309,PKU Campus




PHD, Pengcheng Professor

RESEARCH FIELDS:Urban transportation planning and policy ; Transportation and land use ; Urban geography


  1.  Ph.D. (Urban Studies and Planning), 2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Master of Science (Human Geography), 2000, Peking (Beijing) University, Beijing, China
  3. Bachelor of Science (Economic Geography), 1997, Peking (Beijing) University, Beijing, China



  1. Transportation planning and Policy
  2. Seminar on urban planning


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  1. Examining Health Impacts of Built-Environment in China's Transit Metropolis: A Physical Activity Perspective, research grant from China’s NSF, PI, 2017-2020.
  2. Integrating Transportation and Land Use Decisions, research grant from Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, PI, 2014-2016.
  3. Rail Transit Investment and Polycentric Development, research grant from China’s NSF, PI, 2014-2017.