SUPD Held Special Events In Girls’ Day ——“Flowers In March, The Most Beautiful Girl”
    On the evening of March 8th, a party for "Girls’ Day" sponsored by the students union of SUPD,which was held in Building C Moot Court. In the preparation of the students union, the party began at 19:00 and students from each grade of the school gathered to have fun. The activity showed a positive mental outlook of the students, making them more united.

The party organized activities like "happy cake" making, wish box, "Luck Lady ",as well as interactive games. At the beginning, all the students have been divided into nine teams which composed of students from different classes and different majors. To coincide with the theme, all the teams have been named with flowers . In the game, named “My Juice Share Half With You”, a cup of juice was passed by mouth, which creating funning poses and waves of laughter.  In the session of “Happy Cake”, each groups made cakes to celebrate the festival.

In the party the students like a harmonious and happy family. They love life, care each other and at the same time show the elegant demeanor. The party ended in wonderful atmosphere.