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Lulang international tourist town’ project launched
On the 30 March, the opening ceremony of ‘Lulang international tourist town’ project which is designed by Professor Chen Keshi  launched officially in Lulang town, Linzhi , Tibet. The Deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial party committee and the provincial governor Zhu Xiaodan, and the deputy party secretary of the party committee of Tibet, and the President Baima chilin had attended the ceremony. In 2011,the project of ‘Lulang international tourist town’ had been listed by Guangdong Province and Linzhi County as a key project to support Tibet development.


The philosophy of this program is to design lulang as a modern town with creative and artistic feature, rather than simply represent lulang with local architecture tradition. The cultural elements of Tibet will be emphasized in architectural and landscape design, which form a sacred atmosphere with the enrichment of Tibetan culture. In the meanwhile, this project focuses on the application of new technologies, new materials and new methods, and enhances the level of urbanization, optimize urban function and provides visitors with a high quality and irreplaceable "mental space" as well as a livable environment for local residents. This design was highly praised as the "Oriental Switzerland" by President Baima and Governor Zhu Xiaodan.. lulang, will grow into an international tourist town featured in Tibetan culture, natural ecology, holy peace and modern fashion.