Major 1: Master degree of Geography in Urban and Regional Planning
Urban and Regional Planning: carrying out regional studies based on the concept of sustainable development, emphasizing the combination of theory and practice and the application of the latest techniques, focusing on the study of urbanization, the evolution of urban areas, the organization of urban space, the configuration of urban industries, urban residential differentiation theoryies and other practical issues.

Land use planning: taking urban economic activities, land use and management as the main study contents, revealing the disciplines of urban economy operations on time and space, studying on urban development, land development and management,social and economic development, the objective laws of eco-environmental changes; offering theoretical basises for the reasonable development and utilization of land resources, rational distribution of productive forces and the rational urban growth.

Ecological planning and ecological restoration: Relying on 3S technology and a variety of ecological monitoring, researching, assessment, planning and design methods for regional ecological conservation planning, ecological urban planning, regional ecological risk assessment and analysis, planning and design of ecological security patterns, ecological protection function zoning, damaged ecosystem restoration design and technical support, specific ecological function zones construction and eco-environmental impact assessment of large-scale construction projects and their development planning.

Urban design: Based on the international concept of urban design emphasizing on the three-dimensional way, the research arranges from the whole city to the sectional regions planning, large-scale spatial perspective for architecture and landscape design such as urban concept plan, urban form and landscape design, public space systems and green space systems design, urban key sections design.