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SUPD goes to Dapeng Peninsula for School Outing
SUPD goes to Dapeng Peninsula for School Outing
  Spring comes late in Shenzhen, but it’s better late than never. As the first spring flowers blossom, the School of Urban Planning and Design Student Council organized a spring outing for the entire school on Mar 25, 2017. The location was selected to be the Dapeng Peninsula, in the east of Longgang district. It is rich in both natural and historical resources and hence a great place for the school to explore.

  Faculty, staff and students gathered at the school gate at 7.30 am on Mar 25, and everyone was in high spirits despite the early hours. The group first visited the Dapeng Peninsula Geopark and Museum. We were led by our own alumnus, Mr. Nan Ling, into the Geopark. He gave an enticing talk about the study of geography and it looks at the big picture, spanning across the entire human history and Earth history. After that, we were guided by Dr. Zhang Song and visited the various exhibitions in the museum.
The museum was very well planned and gave an excellent display of knowledge, from geological to biological and even chemistry through instructional and interactive multimedia displays. We learnt about the history in terms of geological time scales, looking at periods such as Cambrian, Ordovician, Jurassic and more. There were also displays of rare plants, volcanos, fossils and rare minerals and rocks such as pure gold and silver, jade etc.

  The museum sits at the bottom of the Qiniang Moutain, which is the second highest peak in Shenzhen. Legend has it that seven fairies from Heaven didn’t want to leave here because it was too beautiful and hence stayed on, resulting in the seven peaks of Qiniang Mountain.

   Before we knew it, it was already lunch time and we had to leave the Geopark. After a wonderful seafood lunch, the group went straight to the Dapeng Fortress, a historical attraction in the middle of the Dapeng Peninsula. A very well preserved fortress, it has a history of over 600 years, going back to Ming Dynasty. It also played a crucial role during the fight against Japanese pirates. We went off in different directions and wandered through the winding alleys as we explored deeper into the fortress. The fortress proved to be a small town alive with tourists but also at the same time able to preserve its original living habitat – we saw villagers coming out to do laundry by a well.

The Dapeng Peninsula is selected as one of the most beautiful coastal lines in China by National Geography China. One of the best beaches there is XiChong, and that was our destination after the Da Peng Old City. The weather forecast was gloomy with a chance of rain, but we were lucky enough to have a dry weather when we went to the beach. It was free time for everyone as some chose to stroll alongside the beach, while some sat down and enjoyed the view.

Time flies and a day of activities came quickly to an end. Everyone had a wonderful time and at the same time learnt a great deal of natural and human history. It was also a great chance for faculty, staff and students across all years to bond with each other. We look forward to the next outing!
(Written by HE Pengyang;photoed by SUN Yiling;  Edited by YANG Baoqing)