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A Imagine Concepts of Urban Planning Lecture from Professor Francisco F. Longoria
On Nov 16 2016, The School of Urban Planning and Design invited a distinguished guest, Professor Francisco F. Longoria from Spain. Professor Longoria graduated from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, in Urban Design Landscape Architecture. A renowned architect and urban planner, he has taught at Columbia University and University of Madrid, and has given workshops and lectures in Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tsing Hua University and many others. He is currently co-hosting a Landscape Architecture and Design Workshop here at SUPD with Professor Han Xili.
Professor Longoria discussed the concepts of urban planning, and how architects and city planners have viewed urban planning differently through the centuries and decades. We were able to see how urban planning concepts evolved over the years as people’s needs changed and shaped the city itself. He also talked about how art has discussed the concept of space, and how some of the most famous masterpieces illustrate the ideal space.
A lot of images paired with examples illustrated the progress in urban planning concepts. For instance, Professor Longoria pointed out that over the course of time, cities across the world have shown identical urban planning proposals. London, Toronto and Shanghai have proposed to structure their water front similarly.
Many famous artworks, ranging from Impressionism, Romanticism, Realism, Cubism and Pop Art are mentioned in the presentation, giving us a full spectrum of the evolution of the concept of space. He points out that real world architecture can sometimes be repetitive, like urban wardrobes, and that the interpretation of space in art is much more eloquent. He quoted famous artist David Hockney, “Streets are our art brushes” to illustrate the importance of keeping in mind art’s space concepts when doing urban planning.
Last but not least, Professor Longoria shared with us some of his realizations when trying to plan a kindergarten space in South America. As with urban art, it is not only about having a beautiful design, being able to modify humanitarian conditions should be a goal too.

(Written & Photoed by Yang Wandong  ,Edited by Yi Zhexing)