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Low Carbon Life Begins from You and Me(Third)
PKU & HKU urban resident activity and air quality joint delegation arrived in Dapeng New District and visited the Dapeng ancient city, Jiaochangwei and Yang Meikeng on October 19, 2016.

The intention of this trip is to enhance the students’ perception of the cultural heritages and the understanding of natural scenes in Shenzhen (Pengcheng). PKU & HKU urban resident activity and air quality delegation arrived at Dapeng New District and visited the Dapeng ancient city, Jiaochangwei and Yangmei pit9.

Driving from the Luohu District to Dapeng district, crossing Yantian district with luxuriant green and fresh air we discovered that most areas in Yantian and Dapeng district were under strict ecological control.

The first trip is Dapeng Ancient City. We walked through the streets and alleys, explored the lost histories as well as listened to the hidden stories of early years in Shenzhen. Dapeng Ancient City was rather quiet in the slight rain as we came in the tourism-off season, a feeling of vicissitudes and poetry came to mind gradually. With a history of 600 years to resist foreign aggression, Dapeng city was a coastal defense fortress in southern China during the Ming and Qing dynasties. That is also the reason why Shenzhen has an amiable nickname “Peng Cheng”. A quick glimpse of the peaceful and slow-pace life of Dapeng ancient city shed light on the long history and abundant culture of today’s fast development of Shenzhen.

Jiaochangwei, known as “Gulangyu in Shenzhen”, is our second trip. It is the only village that has a coastline in Shenzhen. Compared to Dapeng ancient city, Jiaochangwei has a more commercial atmosphere, forming a distinctive family hotels based economic operation mode. Our delegation then walked by the coastline of the village, finding the beach were obviously contaminated, where countless garbage such as slippers and beverage bottles scattered everywhere.

Next, our delegation visited the YangMeikeng. YangMeikeng is the most romantic coastal leisure belt in Dapeng Peninsula. We were so impressed by the elegant sight that the sky was charming light blue while the seawater is deep sapphire, sparkling and shimmering, embracing the mountains in the distance. Listening to the symphony of wind crossing the pine forest in the mountains and the relaxing waves of the sea, students rode bikes and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Natural field trip enables the delegation to have a better understanding of ecological protection situation in Shenzhen and essential significance of green landscape to urban development.

After the third day’s trip, our delegation not only learned the multiple properties of Shenzhen, but also improved the awareness of environmental protection. The combination of knowledge and behavior is beneficial to the future development of students.

(Written by Tu Yuanjie,
Photoed by Tu Yuanjie ,
Edited by Yi Zhexing)