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Low Carbon Life Begins from You and Me(First)
The joint activity of Peking University and University of Hong Kong for urban residents’ activities and air quality officially kicked off on October 17, 2016, subsidized by Ministry of Education “the Hong Kong and Mainland University Communication Program”. This activity was led by Prof. Wu Jiansheng of the School of Urban Planning and Design of Peking University and Assistant Professor Li Weifeng of Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Liu Jianzheng, and appealed 6 doctoral students, 20 master students and 5 undergraduates to participate in toal. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the understanding of the urban planning and the resident environment in Shenzhen and promote the communication between students and teachers in Hong Kong and mainland.
The first trip of the activity was the Shenzhen Citizen Center Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Display panels in the museum gave us a preliminary understanding of the history of urban construction in Shenzhen, especially urban planning history. Then, Prof. Wu introduced us the early planning of Shenzhen, water and electricity supply and their close relationships with Hong Kong, from which everyone benefited a lot.

This afternoon, the team visited Shenzhen atmospheric pollutants ground monitoring network at Honghu monitoring site. Teacher Chen Gang, who is in charge of the site, described the monitoring principles of several atmospheric pollutants firstly (i.e., the β method for fine particles and the spectral method for O3, NO2, and SO2). Next, Teacher Chen introduced the application of the automatic air quality collecting and control system. It is worth mentioning that the system would transfer data to the municipal, provincial, and national Ministry of Environmental Protection wirelessly and in near-real time, which effectively prevents data tampering at local departments. After Teacher Chen’s introduction, the delegation asked a lot of questions, such as the reason why the monitoring site is located at the park and the cost of maintaining this system.

The last activity in the first day was a game named “Blindfolded Battle”. Organized by Huang Qiao and Wang Wei, the participants was divided into four groups. The cooperation among groups and the competition between groups boosted the enthusiasm to the highest and promoted the communications.
(Written by Huang Qiao and Yao Fei,
Photoed by Yuan Tian ,
Edited by Yi Zhexing)