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Time to Choose, the First Show of SUPD Tutors
Tutors are our sources of knowledge, experience, inspiration and, if any, wages. They could be the most active factor during students’ years of study and even their career, thus choosing a right tutor is absolutely important for postgraduates and PHD students. That’s what the meeting on the morning of Aug. 24th for, leading newly coming students in SUPD to better choices of tutors before the beginning of the brand new semester.

Starting at 10:00 a.m., hosted by Prof. Zeng Hui, whose accent was obviously full of the breath of northeastern China, the professor-student meeting proceeded in ease and laughter. The Host Zeng introduced students the faculty,15 full-time and 14 external, as well as their research directions respectively, demonstrating a relatively clear view of teaching and research in SUPD, which serves as a significant basis for tutor selection. More noticeable, the meeting showed the impressive individuality and fascination of every tutors.

Prof. Zeng Hui

“Prof. Yang Jiawen is the youngest professor in SUPD who is famous for his distinguished academic ability and radical opinions, looking forward to communicate with you youngsters.”

“Prof. Wu Jiansheng, though benefits from his extraordinary Kong Fu to handle an entire research team, two essential laboratories, one research center as well as the teaching tasks of postgraduates and PHD students, finally get a little overloaded and  now is busy scouting for some helpers to hold the team fight when attending meeting in Beijing. ”

“Not only does Prof. Yin Jie excellent in his academic career, he is also well equipped with an amazingly wide range of knowledge. You will never get bored when talking with this truly omniscient man. He can give you a trail of speech about whatever topic.”

The part of tutor introduction was so valuable that a student commented afterwards, “I was deeply impressed by the outstanding academic outcomes and personal attraction of each tutor. I think now I’m more sure about who to choose.”

Besides introducing the tutors, Prof. Zeng also showed the administration staff, the features of this subject, relevant research institutions and research requirement for students.

What this meeting means to students is more than providing information for selecting tutors, but a starting point of their career. “From growing fat to growing bones and lean meat, Chinese economy is experiencing a critical stage.” said Prof. Zeng when talking about the subject background, “It is our city planners’ responsibilities to guide economy of an area to the right direction. I hope that your selection of tutors will be of great help for you to become what city planners should be.”

(Written by Cao Zhilu,
Photoed by He Pengyang,
Edited by Yi Zhexing )