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The 2016 Graduate Forum of SUPD Held Successfully
At 6:00 pm on June 7th, School of Urban Planning and Design successfully held an annual graduate forum. The Graduate Student Union hosted this forum and invited Liu Shui, Nan Ling, Wang Xiaodong, Chen Weijin, Yang Tianyi and other outstanding alumni to share their stories and experience in the forum. School faculties, including Li Guicai, Zeng Hui, Chen Keshi, Yin Jie, Xiao Guoliang, Ian MacLachlan, Ji Lingyun also participated this forum.
The forum started in C302. To begin with, Prof. Li Guicai and Prof. Zeng Hui gave a warm welcome to all the alumni on behalf of the school and congratulated them on their achievements after graduation. At the same time, they expressed their expectations for the school students. After the welcome speech, Zhang Jianzuo, an outstanding graduate who will enter the National Development and Reform Commission, gave the first talk. As a trans-disciplinary PhD student, he talked about his experience in field researches with Prof. Li Guicai in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan and Yunfu and told us to be a person with social responsibility. Next speaker was Liu Jixiang, an outstanding graduate majoring in architecture. He started with an interesting story: “There used to be a dedicated boy, who eats the same food every day, who loves a girl for five years, who buys two pairs of the same trousers just because he likes them, and who is often laughed at by his friends for his single-mind… So, who is this boy?” With students amused, he said with smile, “I am this boy.” Then he said his secret to success was concentration, “You should know clearly what you want to do in your life” and “be a simple but concentrated person”. Liu Jixiang advised students to concentrated more on works rather than oneself. Maybe it’s because of his concentration that he was enrolled as a PhD candidate by the University of Queensland and received a funding from CSC. On October, he will go to Australia to started his new academic life.
About how to choose a career, an outstanding student, Ju Weiqi gave an answering with his story. Ju Weiqi came from Hunan Province and was selected to be a local official in Yunnan Province. He said one should choose a job that could bring a sense of belonging. In 2011, when there were serious conflicts in Xinjiang, he was there as a volunteer. The situation was tense, but he felt a sense of belonging. Every day after work, he would go to play basketball with his Uighur friends and they would always invited him to go to their homes for dinner with unfluent Chinese. Every time he thought of this experience, he was deeply moved. When applying to be a selected student to work in undeveloped areas in China, he chose Xinjiang first. His mother, though not in healthy condition, still supported him to choose the job he loves: “You can go to Xinjiang for the job. When I get better, your father and I will go to Xinjiang to live with you.” Talking about this, Ju Weiqi choked. Finally, he chose Yunnan Province for his job, which is closer to his family, but his devotion to Xinjiang and his career deeply touched every students’ heart. Listening to his story, Liu Shui, an alumnus was affected. “It’s always hard to reconcile loyalty and filial piety.” He comforted Ju Weiqi and blessed him a bright future.
After the touched story, Prof. Chen Keshi shared his understanding of life, he said, one should have three things: the first is love, with which one could love his life and the world; the second is ability, with which one should have ability to complete work and live in the society; and the third is health, which is the fundament of everything in one’s life. His speech was full of wisdom and won a resounding round of applause.
Then, Nan Ling, an outstanding alumnus talked about his seven-year experience after graduation. He started his job at a grass-root level, but with his courage and intelligence, he eventually got multi-disciplinary abilities. He wished students to get “the lifelong ability to study” and suggested students to “ask before doing”, so as to obtain “the ability to think critically”. Next, another outstanding alumnus Wang Xiaodong shared his experiences in government and Vanke to tell students to be realistic and hardworking. While he was a PhD student in MIT, a friend invited him to return to China to join Vanke. He accepted the invitation and became a Chief Investment Officer in Vanke, responsible for the sale of land. However, in his first year, he didn’t make even one deal. He felt frustrated and wanted to give up. Fortunately, he thought of his determination he made in MIT before returning to China and he decided to persist in the job. And in the second year, thanks to his accumulation in the first year, he made several deals successfully. From this experience, he learnt that “every problem you meet is just the beginning, but not your whole life”. He gave this sentence to the students, telling them the importance of insistence and encouraged students to insist on even when success seems far away. Keeping on going, success may come one day. Afterwards, an excellent alumnus, Chen Weijin gave his advice on frequently updating the industrial information. He wished students to have the innovative spirit and the courage to persue dreams and he expected students could contribute to the society.
After the forum, attendant teachers, alumni and students went to a school restaurant for dinner. During the dinner, students and graduates communicated with each other actively. School students got a better understanding of their major and their future career planning from their predecessors. This forum created an opportunity for students and graduates to communicate. With the guidance of the outstanding alumni, it’s believed that students would get a better development and be the proud of school.
(Lisha Lyu)