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Lecture Review:The Rise Of UAV On Environmental Monitoring And Big Data’S Significance In Geography Research
On 18th April, 2016, the research fellow, Qinghua Guo from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Yu Liu from Peking University gave lectures in PKU Shenzhen. Professor Jiansheng Wu host the lectures.
Qinghua Guo got PhD in UC Berkeley. He was the associate professor in the institute of environmental engineering, UC Merced and now he is the research fellow in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on Lidar application in ecology. His lecture’s topic was “From Remote Sensing to Personal Sensing-The Rise of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) on Environmental Monitoring”. Guo introduced the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), its advantages, development, working process and application cases in environment monitoring, natural geography and social science. After the lecturer, Guo communicated with students and people from business.

Researcher Qinghua Guo 

Professor Yu Liu gave the lecture on spatial big data’s significance in geography research. He talked about the concept of social sensing and its advantage in uncovering the social economical phenomenon and spatial-temporal pattern. He also introduced difference between big data and small data and discussed topics on quantitative and qualitative research.
Professor Yu Liu gave the lecture