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The Urban Design Workshop Conducted On-site Research In Shantou
    In the early morning of March 16,Professor Chen Keshi of the school of Urban Planning and Design led the workshops teachers and students more than thirty people to Shantou for researching the project of Small Park Area. When the group arrived at Shantou at one o’clock that afternoon, the Professor led the group to visit the bureau of urban planning, and introduced the basic information about the Small Park to the students.

Professor Keshi Chen

  Afterward, the group visited the Shantou Opening culture Exhibition Hall for understanding the ocean culture and historic about Shantou. Wei Miaoxin, the leadership of Shantou planning bureau, took participate in the survey with the group and helped the students to know more about the project in the research site.
    In the evening, Wei made a comprehensive introduction for the project. The area of the site is ​​198 hectares, and would be divided into 10 plots. So the project is about 10 plots for renovation and ​​the street space design of the site, each group of students would be responsible for one plot.

    And then, Professor Chen Keshi introduced some excellent research report made by past students. The professor emphasized the importance about making a comprehensive research plan, and told the students should talk to the resident and get to know what they really need. At last, the leaderships of Shantou introduced the master plan of Shantou in the past 30 years, and all students completed the research as they planned in the second day.

Make A Research
   The research activities in Shantou truly exercise the ability of the students, through practice, made the students to leave the campus, do some social contact, and enhanced the students’ research and communication capabilities. Meanwhile, the activity is significant for the students to do a excellent and comprehensive urban design.

(Bo Yang)