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An Outdoor Promotional Activity Held by Dr. Wu’s Team
    On March 16, Dr. Wu’s Team, a nearly 20-people group containing teachers and students, went on hiking to Tanglang Mountain. Dr. Wu thinks that such outdoor activity can get students close to nature besides their busy schoolwork, promote the harmonious development of body and mind, and promote the team cooperation consciousness, courage in front of challenges, confidence and optimism in the process of mountain climbing.   
    At 8:30 a.m., the team members start their hiking from the Longzhu door of Tanglang Mountain country park, and everyone feel energetic and happy. When climbing, they talked about life, learning, shared anecdotes, and took photos to record this wonderful journey. Moreover, they played colorful games in a small pavilion, with full of laughter. Finally, they ended the day off at 5:00 p.m. On a happy foot back to school, with flowers and happy songs all along the road.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Ceng’s team also held an outdoor barbecue activity in Xili reservoir. It can not only strengthen the construction of the team and improve health and comprehensive development of the team members, but also enhance the vitality of the whole SUPD team. So why not temporarily put aside your scientific research work on the weekend and walk into nature , enjoy colorful community activities?

( Xiaohong Zhong)