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Are GDP Statistics Reliable? Questioning China's GDP Statistics Based on DMSP/OLS Satellite Data
   This project funded by the Dean Foundation was accomplished by the joint effort of WANG Zheng, HE Shengbin, NIU yan and LI Xiaozhou from the State Key Laboratory of Human Settlement, Environmental Science and Technology, WU Jiansheng's group. The study aimed at verifying the reliability of China's local GDP statistics, so as to assist the government decision-making. The GDP values of different provinces in China were derived from the global DMSP/OLS Nighttime Lights data from 1995 to 2009 and economic statistics from 150 countries through a series of complex processing. And some useful results were concluded from contrasting our calculation and the statistical data. Highlights of this project include: 1) the data source was remote sensing data which is objective; 2) considerable breakthrough was carried out in data correction; and 3) the panel data model and some important macroeconomic variables were introduced into the study of Nighttime Lights remote sensing and GDP.
      LIU Yan ,HE Shengbin ,WANG Zheng