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【Academic Lectures】 Academician Bojie FU
    On December 24th, the professor Bojie FU ,who is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences brought a chair “The coupling method of landscape pattern and ecological process” for teacher and students of City Planning and Design College at 9:30 am. The chair was held by the professor Guicai Li. The academician Bojie Fu forces on evaluation research about landscape ecology and ecosystem. He has great and positive academic effect at home and abroad. The academician Bojie Fu came up with research hotspot and difficult point in current landscape ecology. He also pointed out the concept of “scale” was important to understand landscape ecology and ecosystem. In addition, Bojie Fu stressed the observation ways of landscape pattern and ecosystem, and he also combined the issue of loess plateau that he participated in. Based on this issue, he introduced some models about landscape ecology. This chair gave deep enlightening to listeners. 

Academician Bojie FU