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Competition Works‘ Introduction About The Thirteenth Team
    PKU Shenzhen represents the collision of the historical heritage of Peking University and the progressiveness of Shenzhen international district, which forms the concept, Heritage—Progressiveness.
    Stable boxes and pointed cones lead the entire project. The main square structure represents the time line, on top of which sets the digital shadow showing the important date in the history of Peking University. Step into the Gate and step into the Peking University. Afterwards, the conical landscape pops up, together with the function room and the scattered public arts, in harmony with the landscape system. The boundary of the gate and the roads are expanded. Roads and pedestrian are separated. The combination of point, line and square, together with the vertical afforestation, provides various spatial possibilities. With humane, high participation, strong identification.
    The design highlights the fact that PKU Shenzhen acts as pioneer, but relying on the heritage of Peking University.

The Thirteenth Team:An YAN,Yanlv ZHOU,Xuegang LI ,Xiang LI