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Competition Works‘ Introduction About The Eighth Team
    The First Precept:
    The eighth team design ideas is both elements of the school with the combination of the new gate. School elements of both corridor between Mirror Lake and teaching building ,the teaching upstairs ,the gallery frame and the Tanglang Mountain’s endless curve. Reflected in the new design is a wisdom curve which the two scenarios interval constantly, the Mountain skyline with Mantis formal continuous, and the entire volume integration.
    The Second Precept:
    This precept make use of the bridge frame  from Dasha river to the gate at the entrance.There is not form specific gate, and is not designed to organize , integrate space and specific features of the entire campus. Not only to solve the landscape axis bridge that distance from the gate, to prevent bask in, tissue transport,students’exchange and discussion.



The eighth team:Tao XUE,Chenchen LI,Meng WANG,Ou ZHANG