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Competition Works‘ Introduction About The Seventh Team
    The keynote is to design an open space ,by the landmark architecture to create a symbolic site.Based on the merge of the PKU spirit and Shenzhen spirit generating the idea of “a bird converts to a roc ”.
    Three steps are needed to make the idea to reality.The first step is to retreat to form a collecting and distributing public square,following this,a circle pool is designed to be the falling point and with a abstract roc shaped structure is the third step.With the three steps emerging the nodal points both on the Lishui road and the campus,as well as the active spirit of  PKUSZ .
    PKU is unique in China ,the vanguard spirit of PKU and Shenzhen certainly lead to the comeout of the original ,distinctive and pioneering school gate.

The Seventh Team:Bo Du,Ruilun Wang,Ruimin Sun ,Caixia Wang