SUPD has two master degree programs: Geography in city and regional planning , Geography in landscape design science, and two PhD degree program relying on CUES of PKU, namely i) PhD degree of Natural Geography, ii) PhD degree in Humanistic Geography.

Since 2002, all of 546 students had gotten their master degree.45 students had gotten their PhD degree. Now there are more than 290 post-graduate degree candidates in PKUSZ campus

SUPD promotes the development of frontier research and interdisciplinary study, designeding to train high-level composite practical talents majored in i) urban and regional planning, ii) land use planning, iii) ecological planning and ecological restoration, iv) urban design and v) landscape design.
1, According to advantages of the comprehensive subject, absorbing the theory of the international front urbanization and land science;

2, Erich the teaching team by hiring the famous scholars in the field of urban planning and design at home and abroad, Improve the cultivation of the students' cross-cultural exchange and international cooperation ability;

3, Accumulate localization experience and exercise professional skills by establishing practice base.